When there is absolutely no time to waste but you’re still bored

Fun fact: I have a submission due 15th march, today is the 8th but I hey I still have time.-Said the same thing on 20th when it was due on 28th, thank God for extensions

Fun fact 2: The assignment is writing blogs and I’m too lazy to do that

Fun fact 3: Welcome to my blog!!

Okay so as you can see I’m insanely bored, and I know you have no reason to read this so by all means…. DONT STOP, it’s rude to interrupt or walk out when someone is talking, well in this case ranting. This is about my final project that is supposed to not only get me marks but also be part of my portfolio, what a sad sight it would be to have to submit a file full of blank pages because all I want to do is vile away time when I could actually be working, stupid previously teenage brain. Right now, the stress and pressure that the initial stage of the project had on me has passed or has turned into a weird calmness that’s gonna end up messing everything for me. I tell myself everyday, “love it’s the last week of your college life, get it done with, last submission for now, finish it” and I’m all pumped, the minute I switch on my laptop, Firefox decides to take me through Google and there are so many things yet to discover in the world, how do I miss out on an opportunity like that and there goes another day. Yes I’m aware that I could just close it and open word and start typing, but what if I need a funny phrase or I need a break that involves looking at memes. Chris Martin was on to something when he said “nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard”, my smart man. Anyway, my assignment is still due and the only progress I’ve made is in playlist, Spotify gives me life, I must’ve heard atleast 20 new songs in the last 2 days and not written a single productive word in he last 5 but hey, YOLO, living young and wild and free, probably gonna end up homeless or working as valet somewhere, let’s just hope it’s a club with good music. *Insert dramatic futuristic quote or lyrics from a song*

Until next time.


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